I am a Robotics Engineer currently working on my Ph.D. with the Search-based Planning Lab as part of the Robotics Institute Carnegie Mellon University. In addition, I am the founder and CTO of Van Allen Industries, an engineering consulting and fabrication firm specializing in prototype design and production for robotic applications. I am always looking for new opportunities - if you need a Robotics or Systems Engineer, drop me a note.


My research work is in the areas of path planning, multi-robot interaction, autonomous aerial vehicles, and exploration. I also work on the mechanical and electrical design of robots.


Before I started my Ph.D. I was a Naval Officer serving onboard submarines including a tour as the Engineer Officer for the USS Oklahoma City (SSN-723) - Los Angeles class Fast Attack submarine. Along the way, I earned a Masters of Science in Engineering in Robotics from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering (both from North Carolina State University).


My hobbies include working on my race car, turning big pieces of metal into little pieces of metal in the machine shop, and reading obscure law blogs.

Selected Projects

Hexarotor UAV with on-board sensing/processing Pixhawk-based MAV AR-Drone MAV Segbot